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Please ready through our Terms and Conditions detailing your contract terms when working with A Lings Group Limited.

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Standard Terms and Conditions for A Lings Group Ltd

These Terms and Conditions will form the basis of a contract between A Lings Group Ltd and (Client) for all goods and services agreed.

Upon signature, payment terms will be applied and this contract will form the whole agreement and only changes agreed in writing will be applicable.

Delivery of Service and Goods

1. If providing home emergency response, a full briefing of initial costs will be given over the phone. It may be that there is further work required to ensure a full and complete job where a Quote will be provided to cover all the works. A full Quote will also be provided for all project work requested outside of home emergency response.

All Quotes will be agreed in advance with a full quotation based on the requirements set. Any changes or additions will be agreed in writing in advance along with any changes to the price originally quoted.

2. Unless specifically agreed in writing, in advance, outside of these terms and conditions, A Lings may not continue or repair the work of any other plumbing or heating companies. Unless works can be completed and fitted to the high standards and guarantees that A Lings are willing to make, it may be appropriate to remove poorly fitted or faulty work.

3. All costs will be based on the requirements of the Quote. All parts sourced by A Lings will be correct for the task stipulated. Should the Client source and provide their own specific fitting based on design and personal taste, A Lings requests that this is done with agreement by A Lings during the Quote consultation. A Lings will not be held responsible in any way for parts or fittings supplied by the Client that are unsuitable or not fit for purpose.

4. A Lings will provide a 28 day guarantee for all labour provided in the Quote. All parts supplied by A Lings will be covered under the manufacturer's warranty - extended warranties may be available at an additional cost to the Client. Any parts or fittings supplied by the Client have no guarantee from A Lings under parts or labour.

5. Unless agreed in advance we expect to have full access to all the areas required to complete the work. If access is restricted in any way, this will be treated as an abortive charge as set out in the cancellation section below.

Once access has been gained, there may be delays to the completion date with additional costs incurred. These will be agreed in writing in advance and included in the final settlement.

6. Engineers of A Lings will require a signed disclaimer before removing any permanent fixture or fitting to access the required work space. Due to the nature of the works required A Lings will not be at fault for any damage created by any access necessary. Should a Client refuse to sign the disclaimer, or choose to make the access themselves, any delay will be considered a full call out charge as outlined in the cancellations section below.

7. A Lings Group Ltd is not responsible for any loss or damage to the works completed or Client property if the Client can be deemed at fault in any way. Any unintentional damage caused by A Lings will be repaired as quickly as possible by A Lings. Only if a repair is not possible will a replacement be available at a reasonable cost agreed in advance in writing.

8. A Lings will remove all rubbish generated by the project as part of the standard service via registered waste companies. Any monies gained from scrap are calculated and deducted in the Quote. Should a Client wish to retain the scrap parts, they must retain and dispose of all the waste and this may increase the Quote costs. A Lings will not make partial clearances of rubbish generated.

Client Responsibilities

1. The work areas must be as clear and as clean as possible to prevent any delays at the start of the project which could delay completion and incur additional costs as stated above.

2. Parking permits must be supplied by The Client for the entirety of the project if there are parking restrictions at the location.

3. Access to toilet facilities must be supplied along with hot and cold water and all other services as required.


1. All home emergency response call outs will require a full call out charge payment (Subject to which trade & On/Off peak times, whichever that may be) at the time of booking and all project work will require a 50% deposit payable on signature of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Final balance payments will be made within seven days of the date of invoice via bank transfer, card payment over the phone or cheque.

3. In the circumstance of the work carried out as a Gas Safety Inspection or Boiler Service, we will only release the document once the balance is paid in full.

4. Late payments of fees will include 8% plus the Bank of England base rate annual interest will be accrued per day after the initial seven days pay period. The Client will be re-invoiced with the interest included every 7 days until payment is made to a maximum of 4 invoices.

Should invoices still not be paid and in the unlikely event of legal proceedings to reclaim money owed, the named above will be responsible for all monies owed including the invoice amount, interest and all legal fees.


1. All deposits are fully refunded minus any non-refundable costs (including but not limited to parts, postage, carriage fees etc.) if cancelled seven days prior to the start of a project. After this time the deposit becomes non-refundable.

2. Should the Client cancel the project 24 hours before the agreed start date or home emergency call out, this will incur an abortive charge. An abortive charge is either the £50 deposit for a home emergency response or the 50% deposit paid for scheduled works. It will be at the discretion of A Lings as to whether the Client can reschedule if the project needs to be delayed.

3. A full call out charge for a home emergency response is the £50 initial deposit plus the time spent at the Client property with an additional hour for travel inconvenience.

4. Should A Lings need to delay the start of any project, they will attempt to reschedule at the Client's earliest convenience with no additional cost to the Client or detriment to A Lings.

5. In the unlikely event that A Lings unexpectedly needs to cancel a project as a whole, all deposits and payments will be fully refunded to the Client within 14 days of cancellation.


A Lings declares that it holds Public Indemnity, Public and Employers Liability Insurance - certificates can be produced should the Client require them - and will uphold and maintain high levels of health and safety and safe systems of work in all work practices.

Should a Client be dissatisfied with any part of the works provided by A Lings, there is a dedicated complaints procedure available on request.

On acceptance of the quotation, The Client agrees to these terms and conditions. Any breach may lead to termination of the project at the cost to The Client and / or civil prosecution.